I saw this poster in a store window and thought. Correct: It’s never too late. Even the act of writing about childhood gives it color. So let’s write about our childhoods and lets think about writing in COLOR.


Visual Writing Prompt: Memoir Ranking

August 12, 2012
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Visual Writing Prompt: Waiting

August 5, 2012

What is she waiting for? Her best friend? A ride to church? A man who might stand her up? What are you waiting for? After two years, I am no longer waiting for my daughters’ weddings. Last weekend our younger girl married in Detroit, Michigan. In October 2011–less than a year earlier–our older daughter married […]

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Visual Writing Prompt: Supplies

July 17, 2012

I love the work of artist, David Hockney. Pictured above is his paint trolley. I wish I had a trolley holding all my writing supplies. At a recent retreat, I wrote at the desk in my room. I rarely work at my desk at home. It’s too cluttered with piles of files and other stuff. […]

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Visual Writing Prompt: Blowing in the Wind

July 4, 2012

Flags. What do they mean to you? These pictured below are prayer flags.

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Visual Writing Prompt: Money

June 11, 2012

Here are some things I learned early about money: It’s vulgar to ask how much something costs–a house, a car, a club membership, a scarf, a renovation. Never ask how much money someone makes. Don’t ever wonder aloud about the size of an inheritance. Do not squabble dividing a bill when you’re, say, out to […]

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Visual Writing Prompt: Eating Out

May 24, 2012

List of 10 on eating out: 1. I have this thing about lunching out–I’m bad at it. Don’t like dinner out either. And I don’t do breakfast. 2. “No wonder I never got the jobs,” my friend Mary told me the other night–at a reception, not a dinner. “I ordered the wrong food at those […]

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Visual Writing Prompt: Rumination

May 7, 2012

ru·mi·nate   [roo-muh-neyt] Show IPA verb, ru·mi·nat·ed, ru·mi·nat·ing. verb (used without object) 1. to chew the cud, as a ruminant. 2. to meditate or muse; ponder. About what do you ruminate? She checks the clock. Crap. 8:15. She’s going to be late again. How does this happen? No matter how early she gets up and how […]

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Visual Writing Prompt: Razor, pen, matches

April 21, 2012

You might want to pick one of these objects and write about it. The other night I read my husband a piece by Daniel Jones, the NY Times Modern Love editor. We had a good laugh and then my guy said: “Are you telling me to shave my head?” “Well, no,” I said. “I just […]

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