Before Writing Pays the Bills

Before becoming a full-time writer and starting my own writing business, I worked as a:

House CleanerBabysitter, housecleaner, science lab lackey, sales girl, makeup model, dog walker, gift wrapper, youth orchestra assistant, modern dancer,
yard woman, publicist, arts administrator, community organizer, massage therapist, full-time mother, ghost writer.

My husband, Bill Henderson, always tells aspiring writers to tend bar or work construction: “Do something completely unrelated to words.”

He didn’t, however, follow his own advice, working as a corporate communications writer and a creative writing professor.

Jane Friedman (excellent blog for writers) recommends this 2-minute video (from another good blog) about what some writers have done to pay the bills.

How about you and your job-list?

Liz September 15, 2011 at 2:07 am

Carol, I think your blog looks great and I’m so glad to see you’ve moved it to your domain. One of my jobs was “bird wrangler” on the set of a (bad) animal film–no, not Dr. Doolittle. I can’t wait for more of your posts.


Nancy September 15, 2011 at 4:52 pm

Loved your post. Some of those jobs sound like a lot of fun. More importantly, it’s encouraging to see that a writer I admire didn’t just instantaneously emerge as a skilled and successful professional, but that we all have to pay our dues somewhere along the way!


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